Remote work or working from home is quickly becoming a professional trend. In 2017, around 5% of the U.S. workforce worked from home. Businesses have to accept that allowing their employees to work from home and providing quality remote workforce support is one of the best things they can do for the longevity of their company. If you’re thinking about making the switch to remote work, here are some tips to making sure your employees stay supported.

Frequent Communication

Daily or weekly check-ins are essential for remote employees because it helps them stay focused and stay connected to the company. If you have daily touchpoints with your employees, you’ll know if they’re having trouble with their equipment that might require the attention of professional IT services or if they’re having trouble getting a project done. Communication is key to a successful remote workforce experience.

Be Flexible

Now that more employees are working from home, it’s harder than ever to draw the line between home life and work life. Part of developing a healthy work-life balance for remote employees is giving them the flexibility to develop hours that work for the company and for them. If you have an employee who needs to be with their family at certain times, work out other times you know they’re working so that you both have the same expectations about flexibility and availability.

Take Advantage of Technology

According to the Online Trust Alliance, around 95% of all data breaches are preventable as long as there is a common-sense approach to improving digital security. With your employees scattered across the city – or country – it can be more difficult to maintain good data security habits. Hiring professional IT services can help your employees feel more secure as they work remotely and provide you with the support you need if something should go wrong.

Encourage Freedom

Remote employees might not be as inclined to take a vacation or personal days because they are not coming into the office. However, the health of your business depends on the satisfaction of your employees. Remote work can be just as stressful as coming into an office without proper breaks. If you make the decision to go remote, make sure you work out a vacation plan for your employees so that they know they have the freedom to take breaks.

Focus on Results

It can be hard to keep track of everything when your teams are working remotely. Micromanaging every step of the remote workforce would drive any manager insane. Instead of focusing on day-to-day activities, focus on results. Applaud your team when they finish a major project but make sure you set clear, definite deadlines so that they know what’s expected.

Provide Your Teams with the Right Tools

Whether you’re looking for professional IT services to support your remote team or your technology consulting services for the best remote workforce options, we can help you define the tools you need. Help your team maximize their productivity even as they adjust to life in the remote workforce. Contact our team today to get started!