IT Support Remote Workers Need

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Remote Workforce Support

The US Census reported in 2017 that 5.2% of the workforce – 8 million people – worked from home. By the end of this decade, 73% of all employers will have remote workers.

Why? Because it saves money. Employers offering remote work collectively saved $44 billion per year in 2017.

However, maintaining efficiency for a remote workforce requires planning. Work-at-home staff often use their own equipment and telecommuting can increase the barriers to good technology support – more hardware is involved, more vendors and, if you’re not careful, more headaches.

How nDataStor Provides the IT Support Remote Workers Need:

  • Technicians are trained to be vendor agnostic – we can fix it no matter who made it.
  • Our managed IT services agreements offer response times as fast as 20 minutes.
  • When you call in an emergency, you reach a technician – not a receptionist.
  • We provide 24/7 support options to support any employee anywhere in the world.