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Remove network roadblocks that slow down your workflow, so your team can reach peak productivity.

Eliminate Slowdowns and Work Stoppages With Our IT Network Support in Sacramento

Ensure your network can handle your workload – even as your business grows. 

Why choose nDataStor for IT network support services in Sacramento, CA?

  • Put an end to network downtime with 24/7 proactive monitoring, maintenance, and administration.
  • Boost productivity with faster network speeds via optimization and patching.
  • Protect your business from online threats with unified threat management that intercepts cyber attacks before they can harm your business.
  • Gain full control of your IT spending with one flat, monthly price.
  • Leverage cloud-based network management so you can get the most out of your cloud environment.

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        See What Clients Say About Our Network Services Company

        "We have used nDataStor services for several years. They have always been very responsive to our needs and quickly resolve any of our system problems. Always making us aware of any security updates that need to be addressed. They helped us set up our remote working systems that have been very helpful."

        Monte Hoover, President, Gillespie's Abbey Carpet
        "I can't say enough positive things about nDataStor. Our company has struggled with IT services in the past and switching to nDataStor has been a great experience so far. They are quick to respond and correct any IT issues our properties have. The communication is great and the techs are knowledgeable."

        Melissa Kimmel, Chief Operating Officer, Reliant Property Management
        "Our law firm has been using nDataStor, Inc. for many years. They've always been very responsive to our needs and have provided us with timely service. We highly recommend them!"

        Louis Caretti, Managing Partner, Favaro, Lavezzo, Gill, Caretti & Heppell, P.C.
        "We've been using nDataStor for many years for our IT needs. They are always helpful and get to the bottom of every issue in a timely manner. Whether we need onsite support or remote, they are always helpful and available. Just the best!"

        Michelle Alameda, Tasting Room Manager, Wooden Valley Winery
        "Our company has used N'Data Stor for 4 or 5 years now and we couldn't be more pleased. Their staff is always attentive, and handles whatever comes up for us in a timely matter. Their staff is well experienced and on top of things! We highly recomend N'Data Stor!"

        Corinne Figueira, Executive Administrative Assistant, Van Pelt Construction Services
        "nDataStor is very responsive and has been able to resolve all of our issues in a very timely manner. We are very pleased with their service and highly recommend them."

        Tammy Schaefer, Chief Financial Officer, B&L Properties
        "These guys are the best! They are always there to help me resolve my issues even when they have so much on their plate. They don't give up and continue to resolve issues even when an issue is time consuming, they keep at it all along while continuing to assist on all their tickets. No issues get neglected."

        Monica DeMasi, Administrative Generalist, Medic Ambulance
        "We've been with nData for over five years now. Very good service - I am particularly pleased with the current team."

        Derrick Karimian, Chief Financial Officer, Krystle Properties


        Computer Network Support in Sacramento, CA

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        CA 95819, United States


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        Our Network Support Services in Sacramento

        Elite Network Management Along With IT Infrastructure Management

        Your network controls the flow of information and data throughout your company – if it’s slow, your work processes are slow.

        Our Sacramento computer network support specialists are world-class experts at identifying issues in your network and solving them. We provide:

        • Network support & maintenance
        • Network support & technician support
        • Network infrastructure design & installation services
        • Networking support for cloud computing
        • Network cabling
        • And more

        Our computer support specialists are adept at implementing long-term solutions that benefit your network – and your bottom line. Our elite-level managed IT services for networks separates us from other networking companies in Sacramento.

        Leverage our helpdesk services for whenever an issue appears for rapid remediation, so you can get back to work faster.

        Comprehensive Network Security Services

        Every year, hundreds of Sacramento businesses are victims of network breaches that can leave them vulnerable to data theft and work stoppages.

        Our security computer network consultants will develop an ironclad cybersecurity array that protects your network, including:

        • Multi-factor authentication setup
        • 24/7 monitoring & threat remediation
        • Penetration testing
        • Patching and updating management
        • VPNs
        • Unified threat detection
        • Disaster recovery planning
        • Operating system updating
        • And more

        Work with computer network support specialists and IT support that you can trust to protect your business from all online threats – both those that exist today, and those that will emerge in the future.

        Expert Network Consulting

        As your business grows, so too will the burden that’s put on your information technology – especially your network. More users, more devices, more data . . . without planning and taking proactive steps, many businesses are constrained by inadequate technology as their needs change.

        But our network support services ensure that won’t happen to you. We offer:

        • Long-term strategic planning
        • IT roadmapping
        • Cost-saving solutions
        • Access to vendor pricing
        • Hardware procurement support
        • Plan office moves & relocations
        • Network installation support
        • Network updating and patching
        • And more

        If you have a network in Sacramento, IT support and consulting form parts of an overarching strategy to boost business productivity. We handle maintenance to ensure your networks are always running at maximal capacity.

        Industry-Leading Cloud Services

        Take full advantage of the cloud with our cloud network experts. We’ll manage your cloud environment, help increase the size of your cloud-based data storage, support migrations to the cloud, and more. Together, we can ensure that your business is able to avail itself of all the productivity and efficiency boosts the cloud has to offer.

        Our suite of cloud network services include:

        • Cloud migrations
        • Cloud hosting
        • Cloud maintenance
        • Cloud security
        • And more

        Most businesses than ever are using the cloud to support growth and make scaling frictionless. We’ll help you transition your entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, working closely with your existing computer systems administrators to ensure that there is no downtime as you access faster cloud networks.

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        Our Network Support in Sacramento by the Numbers


        IT experts on staff, ready to support your business

        90+ Years

        IT experts on staff, ready to support your business


        Endpoints supported

        IT Network Support Sacramento

        Proactive Sacramento Network Support Services That Help Your Business Reach Its Goals

        While most networking companies in Sacramento are reactive in handling IT issues, only providing support after a data breach has occurred, we take a different approach to network support and maintenance.

        We supply proactive network monitoring and maintenance so that you can rest easy that your business is safe, secure, and running optimally. Leverage:

        • Network IT consulting
        • Unified threat detection
        • Network monitoring
        • Full network management (patching, updating, administration)
        • Network technology procurement and installation
        • Cloud network support
        • And More

        With our assistance, you can avoid many of those long-term IT issues that many businesses run into.

        Our computer network support specialists in Sacramento, California are elite when it comes to nurturing businesses as they grow. We help our clients reach their full productivity potential by supplying them with the network and technology they need to succeed.

          Network Support FAQs

          What sets nDataStor apart from other IT network support services in Sacramento?

          nDataStor distinguishes itself through its proactive approach to network support. 

          Unlike many other IT companies that react only after issues arise, we offer 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, and administration to prevent problems before they occur. Our focus is on optimizing network speeds and implementing unified threat management to protect your business from cyber threats. 

          All of this is available at a flat, monthly rate, giving you full control over your IT spending.

          What kind of network security measures does nDataStor provide?

          Security is a top priority for us at nDataStor. Our comprehensive network security services include multi-factor authentication, 24/7 monitoring and threat remediation, penetration testing, patching and updating management, and VPNs.

          We also offer unified threat detection and disaster recovery planning. Our aim is to protect your business from existing and emerging online threats, ensuring a secure network environment.

          How does nDataStor support cloud computing for businesses?

          nDataStor offers industry-leading cloud services designed to help your business maximize the benefits of cloud computing. 

          Our suite of services includes cloud migrations, cloud hosting, cloud maintenance, and cloud security. 

          We work closely with your existing IT team to ensure a seamless transition to the cloud, aiming for zero downtime and enhanced network performance.

          What kind of long-term planning and consulting does nDataStor offer?

          As your business grows, so do your IT needs. 

          nDataStor provides long-term strategic planning and IT road-mapping to ensure that your technology keeps pace with your business objectives. We offer cost-saving solutions, access to vendor pricing, hardware procurement support, and assistance with office moves and relocations. 

          Our goal is to ensure your network is always running at maximal capacity.

          How experienced is the nDataStor team in providing IT network support?

          nDataStor boasts a highly experienced team with over 90 years of collective experience in the information technology industry. 

          We have more than 16 IT experts on staff, ready to support your business. We also support over 1,500 endpoints, demonstrating our capability to handle a wide range of IT challenges. 

          Our expertise sets us apart from other networking companies in Sacramento.