Sacramento music festivals are renowned for their variety, level of talent, and just being an overall great time.

Sleeping in Sacramento and all the exciting things happening in the city (even the Kings are good again!) is a big mistake; there’s a lot to see and enjoy out there.

While there may not be a ton of electronic music festivals in Sacramento, it has just about every other type of festival you could want.

That said, while the music festivals in Sacramento are great, that doesn’t mean you can totally let loose and drop your guard. That’s because hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks, able to breach people’s data and even infiltrate their businesses with just a few simple actions.

To that end, let’s go over the best Sacramento music festivals, while pairing each one with a tip on how you can keep cyber safe, so instead of worrying, you can be totally absorbed in the music.


The Best Music Festivals in Sacramento and Avoiding Common IT Risks

1. The Golden Road Gathering

The Golden Road Gathering is one of the best Sacramento summer music festivals.

Okay, it technically takes place in spring, but it has great summer vibes with the El Dorado Fairgrounds providing a lovely backdrop and that California sun being there to help you shake off those winter woes.

While this is one of the top summer music festivals in Sacramento for blues and folk music, that doesn’t mean you can totally drop your guard.

Stay Safe at Sacramento Music Festivals With nDataStor

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Work With a Managed Services Provider

That’s because people tend to use a lot of unsecured WiFi access points at the summer music festival in Sacramento. Using an unsecured WiFi access point can leave you vulnerable to having your personal information and browsing history stolen by hackers because the open network gives them an avenue through which they can breach your phone’s data store.

The good news is that this can be easily prevented with a VPN or even by setting up your own personal WiFi network. With just a bit of foresight and planning, in other words, you can ensure that your personal and business data is safe from cyber attacks.


2. Strawberry Music Festival

It’s so rare that you can find a multi-day, family-friendly music festival that also happens to feature some of the best musicians in the area. But that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Strawberry Music Festival.

Campout, come for a day, or bring the whole family and make a week of it – the choice is yours, and it’s a great chance to have fun with the kids.

But these campgrounds with lots of people milling about can get crowded, disorganized, and otherwise a bit risky, at least in terms of pickpockets.

And more and more pickpockets aren’t after your wallet or watch – they want your phone. That’s because if they gain access to your phone, that’s probably the most lucrative object they could steal. With it, they can exploit personal data, contact info, credit card information, etc., to damaging effect.

Worse yet, if it’s your business phone or has access to your business’s information, that could leave you vulnerable to a data breach and capture, which can cost millions of dollars.

In other words, have fun, but keep an eye on that phone of yours!

Best Music Festivals in Sacramento

Caption: Stay safe on public WiFi with these tips; BitDefender


3. Aftershock

One of the best rock festivals in Sacramento, you’ll see some of the all-time greats perform on this stage, from Ozzy Osbourne to Nine Inch Nails to System of a Down.

Aftershock takes place in October and is a great way to enjoy the best parts of fall with some awesome music.

But these crowded events allow hackers to pull out some of their more subtle hacking methods.

We previously talked about pickpocketing – a pretty analog way to gain access to your data. But you also need to be aware of pocket scanners – the 21st-century innovation on theft.

A pocket scanner is a small, easily concealed device that will scan the barcode or RFID tag of your mobile device. With that, they’ll be able to access and steal the information stored on your device. From there, they’ll be able to sell it, ransom it back to you – pretty much do whatever they want with it.

How do you protect yourself from these pocket scanners? Watch for anyone looking a bit too closely at your belongings. And if someone begins scanning your phone or other devices with a pocket scanner, you should immediately remove your phone and report the incident. It’s also wise to keep your devices on lock when you’re not using them – and never leave them unattended!


4. GoldenSky Country Festival

A brand new Sacramento-based festival! Run by the same folks who head the Aftershock festival, the GoldenSky Country Festival is set to be great fun, with some leading local talent paired with some of the biggest names in country music.

And best yet, it takes place directly following Aftershock, so your October can be jam-packed with great music!

But one thing you may also find yourself festooned with at these events is AirDrop requests. Why so many? Because AirDrops are a great way to gain access to your phone’s data.

Learn even more about the value of managed IT with these other great articles:


If you accept AirDrops or allow devices to connect to your phone (like turning on your hotspot) that can open your phone up to attack.

If a hacker’s phone is able to connect to your device, they will likely find a way to breach your data, mining it and exploiting it, or even by having malware placed on your phone that can watch (or even hear) what you do. This is especially dangerous if it’s your work phone, as this can compromise the entire business.

Best defense: only connect to trusted sources.


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Sacramento Music Festivals

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