The 5 Biggest Industries in Elk Grove, California

The 5 Biggest Industries in Elk Grove, California

Sacramento is a city with many different areas, each with their own unique set of industries that contribute to the local economy. Elk Grove is one such place, and it is home to some of the most important industries in the region

In this blog post, we will take a look at the five biggest Elk Grove industries . These industries are vitally important to the local economy, and they play a crucial role in the day-to-day operations of Elk Grove businesses. 

The 5 Elk Grove Top Industries You Should Know About

Here are the 5 top Elk Grove industries currently leading the pack and making waves for the city of Sacramento at large:

1. Agriculture Hub and Research & Development

Elk Grove is home to a number of agricultural operations, including large scale farms and research centers. These operations are responsible for the production of many of Sacramento’s food items, as well as providing work opportunities for local residents. 

In fact, the Agribusiness & Food Manufacturing cluster is a major player in the UC Davis region, employing 6,400 people and representing an impressive $3 billion industry. The sustainability-minded programs of area research institutions provide countless innovative possibilities for businesses to capitalize on advances in agriculture from cutting-edge commercialization prospects.

IT plays a key role in the daily operations of the agribusiness industry. From data analytic modeling to weather pattern forecasting collation, many agribusinesses rely on managed IT service providers to keep their tech working optimally.

2. Clean Technology and Energy

Elk Grove is home to several clean energy companies, such as Pacific Ethanol and Greenleaf Power, LLC . These organizations are responsible for helping Sacramento transition to more sustainable sources of energy that reduce carbon emissions and pollution. Moreover, Elk Grove is home to several research centers that focus on developing new technologies in the area of renewable energy.

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Elk Grove’s clean technology and energy sector has been a priority for regional economic development since 2005, leading to the emergence of over 200 businesses that have generated 3,000 jobs and approximately $846 million in sales each year. This impressive growth is largely thanks to initiatives like Green Capital Alliance, CleanStart and Greenwise which provide ongoing support for innovation within this cutting-edge cluster.

As one might expect, IT has become essential to the clean energy sector, helping to normalize supply chains, streamline development, support IT systems and other applications.

3. Life Science and Health Care

Elk Grove is home to a number of life science and health care organizations, including SynGen, Sutter Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente. These organizations are responsible for the delivery of essential medical services to patients in Sacramento. In addition, the area is also home to several research centers that focus on finding new treatments and cures for diseases

The local region boasts a thriving life sciences and health care industry, accounting for 279,000 jobs. Not-for-profit health systems that are undergoing expansions form the backbone of this flourishing sector – strongly impacting employment with 120,000 people directly employed in it plus 38k more indirect positions created by supplier industries and 121k additional roles supported through employee spending. 

Keeping hundreds of thousands of patient records organized and safe from data thieves is no easy task, which is why many healthcare organizations rely on managed service providers in the Elk Grove village area to keep their systems in tip-top shape.

4. Post-Secondary Education

Education is not a scarce commodity in the Elk Grove area: more than 10,000 jobs are available across various industries which cater to different institutions of learning. 


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Unsurprisingly, UC Davis and Sacramento State offer diverse post-secondary courses that provide locals with abundant access to quality education. Add seven community colleges, vocational schools, professional institutes and private academies – plus satellite campuses from universities outside California – into the mix; it’s no wonder local businesses have their educational needs satisfied right at home!

5. Linking Industries

Elk Grove is a hub of diverse industry sectors, with five “Linking” industries at the center. 

From producing goods in manufacturing to providing invaluable business and financial services, Elk Groves’ residents are integral participants that link all five main economic players together:

  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Business and financial services (like commercial banking)
  • Retail stores
  • Entertainment venues and tourism sites

Biggest Industries in Elk Grove, California

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