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Maximize IT performance with managed IT service provider in Sacramento that acts as your dependable outsourced IT department.

Why choose nDataStor for managed IT services in Sacramento?

  • Solve all of your IT concerns on one phone call with a single source for managed services in Sacramento, CA.
  • Accelerate your helpdesk support and data backup monitoring with our Professional Services Automation (PSA).
  • Enhance threat and data protection with a multi-level approach to managed cyber security services.
  • Support your remote workforce with 24/7/365 vendor-agnostic tech support provided by experienced technicians.
  • Make educated technology decisions with expert guidance from a dedicated vCIO and Technical Account Manager.

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Managed IT Services

Avoid vendor management issues by relying on a single, trustworthy IT services company that acts as your trustworthy outsourced IT department.

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Cloud Network

Cloud Services

Master your digital transformation with cloud computing services that include migration support, data backup, disaster recovery, and more.

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Cyber Security

Reimagine data protection with a multi-level cyber security service that protects your information technology and staff while providing expert security training.

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Laptop Performance

IT Support

Solve IT issues faster with reliable tech support provided by experienced technicians and services backed by clear SLAs and a guaranteed one-hour response time.

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IT Helpdesk

Benefit from responsive 24/7/365 support from an IT helpdesk that provides dependable remote and on-site services that support remote work environments.

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Support Service

Network Support

Build and deploy a more resilient network with network solutions that include cabling, design, wireless networking and managed network security services.

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IT Consulting

Foster business growth with IT consulting services from experienced vCIOs and Technical Account Managers who provide executive-level insight with a small business focus.

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remote monitoring and control

Remote Monitoring

Elevate network and system performance with remote monitoring and management that handles software updates and patching, virus and spyware detection, and more.

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IT Outsourcing

Keep your business running smoothly by outsourcing your IT management to a trustworthy team of technicians who provide effective solutions today for a better tomorrow.

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Benefit From End-to-End Coverage
With Top-Tier Services

Relying on multiple companies that provide IT services in Sacramento leads to confusion and IT management inconsistencies while driving up costs with unnecessary services. We give you complete control over the services you receive with customizable packages for our Sacramento IT services. Choose from a variety of effective solutions that include:

  • Managed IT services
  • 24/7/365 helpdesk services
  • Managed network and cyber security
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Support for remote working environments
  • Access to expert vCIOs and Technical Account Managers

Navigate Critical IT Decisions With A
vCIO and Technical Account Manager

IT decision-making is easier when you have an experienced voice on your side. We understand that at nDataStor. As part of our managed IT services in Sacramento, we assign dedicated Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) and Technical Account Managers to every account. Our vCIOs are more than just information technology experts. They bring business management and organizational skills to every engagement to assist you with:

  • IT project management
  • IT planning and budgeting
  • Business process and change management
  • Custom IT strategy and roadmap development
  • And more

Benefit from executive-level expertise with a small business focus when you partner with the lead managed IT service provider in Sacramento.

Work With a Sacramento Managed Services Provider Devoted to Your Success

At nDataStor, we design our Sacramento IT services with your long-term success in mind. To ensure you benefit from working with our IT services company, we offer:

Structured Onboarding Process
Get on the fast track to reliable managed IT in Sacramento with our structured onboarding process.

We begin with a kickoff process that takes inventory of your entire infrastructure to plan for future expansion and upgrades.

Guaranteed Service Levels
Our contractually guaranteed service levels give you complete confidence in our Sacramento IT solutions.

You'll enjoy a one-hour response time, warranty support, and immediate access to our expert technicians.

Quarterly IT and Satisfaction Reviews
As the lead managed IT service provider in Sacramento, we hold ourselves accountable to delivering a consistently high level of service.

That's why our client success team conducts quarterly reviews to ensure we are remediating your IT issues while identifying potential areas of improvement.

Your Reliable Source for Customized
IT Services in Sacramento

As the lead managed IT service provider in Sacramento, we believe there is more to effective technology management than just keeping things running smoothly.

Our goal is to provide you with quality managed IT services that deliver value and superior customer support.

That's why every contract includes a 90-day opt-out clause and a 100% money-back guarantee.

If you are not seeing value from our Sacramento managed services, cancel your contract within the 90-day period and receive a full refund.

Work with an IT provider devoted to providing effective solutions for your business when you partner with nDataStor for IT services in Sacramento.

Managed IT FAQs

What kind of support can I expect for remote work environments?

nDataStor provides an unparalleled 24/7/365 technical support service specifically designed for remote work settings.

Our team of highly skilled technicians is always on standby to troubleshoot and resolve any challenges your remote employees may face.

This ensures that your operations run smoothly and productivity remains high, no matter where your workforce is situated.

How does nDataStor approach cybersecurity?

At nDataStor, we implement a comprehensive, multi-layered cybersecurity strategy that includes cutting-edge threat detection mechanisms, robust data protection protocols, and extensive employee training programs.

Our primary goal is to establish a fortified digital landscape that not only protects your technological infrastructure but also ensures the safety of your team members.

What role do vCIOs play in your service offerings?

Our Virtual Chief Information Officers (vCIOs) act as invaluable strategic consultants for your organization.

They all offer a specialized combination of IT proficiency and business management acumen. Their role is to guide you in various aspects such as IT project planning, budget optimization, and the formulation of tailored IT strategies.

What are the contract terms and guarantees offered by nDataStor?

Every service contract with nDataStor comes with a 90-day opt-out provision and a 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

If you find our services lacking in any way, you have the option to terminate the contract within the first 90 days and receive a complete refund. Additionally, our Service Level Agreements commit to a one-hour response time, ensuring prompt attention to your needs.

How does nDataStor ensure consistent high-quality service?

To ensure we consistently deliver top-notch service, our client success team conducts in-depth quarterly reviews focusing on IT performance and client satisfaction.

These highly effective and essential assessments aim to pinpoint any areas that may require enhancement and confirm that we are indeed successfully addressing each and every one of your IT requirements.

Managed IT Services
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