nDataStor Philosophy

The New Standard of Customer Care in Technology and Managed Services

nDataStor believes that customized business technology solutions should not be restricted only to large enterprise clients.

Every business deserves that level of attention.

  • To ensure the right solution, we ask each client:
  • What industry are you in?
  • How do you manage your employees?
  • Is your workforce centralized, distributed or blended?
  • What types of business data do you generate?
  • What are your security risks and needs?
  • What are your compliance requirements?

These questions are just the beginning. These basics, combined with a head-to-toe evaluation of your information technology infrastructure, allow the nDataStor team to identify our starting point. Then, the real work begins.

nDataStor’s technology support offerings aren’t just about making technology work, but about making it work for you. The third step in our process involves a complete evaluation of your existing business processes – no matter how technical or non-technical they may be. We will find every opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce expenses or, in many cases, even increase revenue through implementation of new, easy-to-use technology solutions.

That is the nDataStor difference.

We Create & Manage Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

You didn’t get into business to work on technology. You created something from scratch to help your customers and clients. Whether it’s protecting their health, building a home or ensuring the future is protected for their family, they should always be your focus. Let nDataStor help you keep that focus by making sure technology doesn’t get in the way.

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nDataStor has been a part of the Solano County community for over a decade. 

We know the Solano, Sacramento, and Santa Clara areas like the back of our hand. From the hills and grape vineyards of Napa to Silicon Valley and the burgers at the Squeeze Inn, this is our home. We're here with a higher calling: to serve our neighbors and friends.