The 6 Best Music Festivals in Elk Grove

The 6 Best Music Festivals in Elk Grove

With a population of 178, 558, Elk Grove, CA is more than a family-friendly city known for its rich agricultural heritage - it's also a music-lover's paradise with vibrant local Elk Grove music festivals hosted every year that set the city's rhythm.

These events, held all throughout the year, spotlight diverse music genres, from smooth jazz to thumping electronic beats. In this blog post, we'll be tuning into the best Elk Grove music festivals that keep the city dancing 365 days a year.

Keep reading to learn all the important details regarding when and where to attend:

  • Summer music festivals in Elk Grove
  • Elk Grove electronic music festivals
  • Jazz music festivals in Elk Grove
  • Live music festivals in Elk Grove
  • And more

Elk Grove Music Festivals: When & Where

1. Elk Grove 2023 Mid-Summer Classic

The Elk Grove 2023 Mid-Summer Classic is a fan favorite for summer music festivals in Elk Grove. Hosted by Elk Grove Village and Elk Grove Park District, the live music event has gained a reputation over the last 13 years - this year featuring artists such as the All American Rejects and The Spinners.

It will take place from July 4, 2023 to August 1, 2023 as a delightful treat for music fans, offering a buffet of sounds that echo through the warm summer air.

2. Strauss Festival

One of Elk Grove's most celebrated events, the Strauss Festival of Elk Grove, is a four-day music festival held annually in late July. This unique event is unlike any other, taking its audience on a whimsical journey back in time to the elegant era of Johann Strauss.

The eclectic Elk Grove music festival showcases beautifully choreographed waltzes and polkas set against the backdrop of a fully costumed reenactment of aristocratic life in 19th-century Vienna.

Accompanied by an orchestra playing classical Strauss music, the dancers grace the stage at Strauss Island, a picturesque venue nestled within the lush Elk Grove Regional Park. This magical blend of history, music, dance, and theater makes the Strauss Festival a standout in Elk Grove's rich tapestry of music festivals.

3. Waterman Brewing Music Festival

Looking for a good music festival in Elk Grove this weekend? Consider attending the Waterman Brewing Festival - also known as the "Spring Has Sprung" festival located at Waterman Brewing Company on May 27th to 28th.

Featuring local bands from all over the Sacramento area including Holy Magic, Peach, Ultraviolet, and more - there's something for all music lovers to enjoy at this unique event.

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4. Elk Grove Jazz Festival

Immerse yourself in the soulful harmony of the Elk Grove Jazz Festival, an iconic annual event that sets the city swinging to the beats of jazz. Embracing jazz in its many forms - from Dixieland and Bebop to Latin and contemporary - this festival is a true celebration of this rich and diverse genre.

Hosted on September 30th at the Laguna Town Hall Amphitheatre for the first time this year, you won't want to miss out on this Elk Grove summer music festival to finish off the season.

5. Whipped Cream

While it may not be an electronic music festival in Elk Grove - it's pretty closeby! The Whipped Cream concert is set to take place on June 9th and 10th in Sacramento at the Colonial Theatre located on Stockton Boulevard.

Aside from Whipped Cream, the event will also feature other famous EDM artists including:

  • Hex Cougar
  • Zac Black
  • DJ UNi
  • Nostalchic

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6. Bradley Ranch Concert Series

The Bradley Ranch Concert Series is set to take place on June 18th 2023 at Bradley Ranch Winery in Elk Grove, CA.

Featuring local songwriter and artist Rachel Steele, this live music event is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoor summer atmosphere while sipping a beverage this summer season. And if you're looking for something a little sooner, the Country Music Kick-off takes place June 2nd to 6th.

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Elk Grove Music Festivals

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