The 4 Biggest Industries in Sacramento, California

The 4 Biggest Industries in Sacramento, California

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Sacramento is the capital of California known for its beauty and a storied NBA franchise (finally looking playoff bound for the first time in years!). But we’re not here to talk basketball – instead, we’ll go over the top five largest Sacramento industries .

These industries drive the local and surrounding economies, making Sacramento a desirable locale for businesses and people to reside in.

The 4 Sacramento Top Industries You Should Know About

Let’s now take a look at the five largest Sacramento industries and how they impact the economic environment of the city and state.

1. Agriculture Hub and Research & Development

Responsible for the employment of 6,400 people and accounting for about $3 billion in value, the Agribusiness and Food Manufacturing industry is a huge part of Sacramento’s economic landscape.

Top Employers in This Sector

  • Blue Diamond Growers has been operational in Sacramento for over a century. It is a major producer of almonds – moving more than 12 million pounds of the nut on some days. Almonds from California account for 80% of the world’s supply and are the state’s largest export.
  • HP Hood, LLC is another century-old business in the Sacramento area, employing over 135 people in the city. HP Hood distributes supplies and tools for the agriculture sector across the United States.
  • Red Rooster Ag Products also provides supplies and tools integral to the agriculture sector across the country, and is based in Sacramento.

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2. Clean Technology and Energy

Since 2005 the clean technology and energy sector has been a fast-growing industry in the Sacramento area. In the region, there are roughly 200 establishments supporting over 3,000 jobs and accounting for $846 million in annual sales.


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Top Employers in This Sector

  • Pacific Ethanol is an industry leader in producing and marketing low-carbon renewable fuels throughout the western United States
  • Greenleaf Power, LLC is a green energy company that provides power throughout North America. Greenleaf converts construction, agricultural, and timber material into electricity
  • Airco Mechanical is a provider of cost-effective mechanical systems and energy to major commercial, industrial, and institutional projects throughout the Sacramento region.

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3. Life Science and Health Care

The life sciences and healthcare industry is a significant employer in the Sacramento region, accounting for about 280,000 jobs. The pillars of the industry in Sacramento are four not-for-profit health systems, all of which are either undertaking or have undertaken massive expansion in recent years.

Top Employers in This Sector

  • The Jackson Laboratory is an independent, nonprofit biomedical research institution that is a leader in its field.  One of the major products of over 7,000 strains of genetically defined mice.
  • NeuroVision Imaging, LLC is currently working on a noninvasive, quick and inexpensive retinal imaging test that can provide early detection for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • SynGen is a research company developing novel stem cell harvesting systems.

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4. Post-Secondary Education

Education is a major economic driver in the Sacramento area; more than 10,000 jobs are available across various industries which cater to different institutions of learning.


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Top Employers in This Sector

  • California State University, Sacramento was founded in 1947 as a public university in the city of Sacramento, and currently ranks as the 16th best public university in the Western United States.
  • University of California at Davis (UC Davis) is the ninth best public university according to the U.S. News and World Report list of Best Colleges. UC Davis has over 35,000 students, offers 99 undergraduate and 90 graduate programs.
  • Los Rios Community College District runs four community colleges in the area to serve the Sacramento Region and is the second largest in terms of student enrollment in the state of California.

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Biggest Industries in Sacramento, California

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