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Concord, California is home to some of the world’s most innovative and tech companies. From startups to global corporations, this city has become a hub for cutting-edge technology.

The professional, scientific, and technical services industry is an important part of the local economy. As of 2020, it accounts for 10.6% of Concord’s employment , providing jobs and economic growth for the city. 

Each local tech company offers something unique and contributes to Concord’s growing tech economy. However, with so many different large tech companies in Concord , mentioning them all would be impossible. 

In this article, we will take a look at five of the top Concord technology companies . We’ll explore their history, current operations, and the role that IT plays in their daily operations.


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The 5 Biggest Tech Companies in Concord

1. Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.

Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality printer and copier technology. Founded in Japan in 1934, the company has grown to become one of the most successful tech companies in Concord, providing services to both businesses and individuals. 

The company has 24,337 employees as of March 2022, and manages 103 group companies worldwide. Their products are used by various large corporations as well as smaller local businesses. 

Kyocera earned their status as one of the biggest tech companies in Concord because of their emphasis on customer service, ensuring that all of their products meet the highest standards of quality. 

They are also renowned for their advanced security measures for their printers, which are based on three attributes: Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

2. AccelOne

AccelOne is a software development and IT staffing and recruiting company with offices in Concord. 

Founded in 2013, the company develops innovative solutions for their clients, which include custom software development, mobile and web applications, e-commerce development, UI and UX design, and more.

As one of the top tech companies in Concord , AccelOne is no stranger to using IT to manage their business and complete their projects. For example, they specialize in and utilize Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure for cloud computing. 

AccelOne develops software solutions for the healthcare and cryptocurrency industries, which process and manage large quantities of sensitive data. To that extent, they integrate advanced security methods into their offerings to ensure their users’ sensitive data is never at risk.

3. LightRiver

LightRiver is an award-winning provider of high-quality optical network integration solutions. Specializing in Packet Optical and Carrier Ethernet systems, the company designs and engineers software-controlled telecommunications networks for their clients.

Established in 1998, LightRiver’s success as one of the largest tech companies in Concord can be attributed to their emphasis on five key areas:

  • Client advocacy
  • Understanding
  • Education
  • Application
  • Caring

As a leader in high-capacity networking, LightRiver focuses on accelerating network performance through their extensive product line, which includes the Factory Built Network® (FBN®) . They ensure data integrity is maintained with their attention to security and reliability improvements.

4. D-Tools Inc.

D-Tools Inc. is a software development firm that specializes in creating custom solutions for low-voltage system integration firms. 

Founded by Adam Stone in 1998, the company quickly became one of the top Concord technology companies due to its reputation as a leader in the cloud computing space and its development of innovative cloud-based solutions.

Their D-Tools Cloud and System Integrator™ (SI) offerings are relied upon in the government, higher education, and HVAC industries, among others.

The D-Tools Cloud is a multi-operating system environment that facilitates the management of various processes, such as sales, project management, back office management, training and support, and more. 

Data security is also integrated into the software, as is unlimited in-app technical support and guidance.

5. nDataStor

Combining expert consulting with unparalleled managed IT services, nDataStor is a leading managed service provider (MSP) that serves Concord-area businesses. 

The IT company was founded in 2008 and originally provided hardware and integration services for the financial industry.

The evolution of information technology caused nDataStor to evolve itself. They eventually became a full-fledged MSP with a complete suite of services designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

nDataStor’s success can be attributed to its emphasis on customer service, quality care , and empowering its clients. From advanced cybersecurity to executive-level advisory services from experienced Virtual CIOs, nDataStor’s client-first approach prioritizes long-term success.


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The largest tech companies in Concord have established themselves as some of the most innovative and successful businesses in California and across the United States . 

From LightRiver’s high-capacity networking solutions to D-Tools’ simplified cloud-based management platform,  each company offers something unique that contributes to the success of their clients.

At nDataStor, we understand the kinds of challenges that the top Concord tech companies face daily. That’s why we are dedicated to providing superior managed IT solutions designed to suit the unique needs of big tech companies in Concord .

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