The 5 Top Sacramento Tech Companies You Should Know About

The 5 Top Sacramento Tech Companies You Should Know About

Sacramento, California is quickly becoming a hub for top tech companies. With so many innovative and forward-thinking businesses calling Sacramento home, it's no wonder the city is starting to make a name for itself in the tech world. In this blog post, we will take a look at 5 of the top tech companies in Sacramento.

Each company will be listed with a brief overview of its history, operations and how it relies on information technology.

Exploring the 5 Largest Tech Companies in Sacramento, CA

1. Pennymac

At Pennymac, leading-edge technology facilitates utmost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What sets this cutting-edge mortgage lender apart from the rest is its forward-thinking approach to crafting life-long relationships with their customers through innovative technological solutions. Through this initiative, they have formed industry-leading teams of keen professionals and savvy engineers to drive growth in an ever-changing business environment.

Allowing them to stay ahead of the technological curve helps them provide up-to-date products and services that enhance customer experience, now and into the future.

With so many daily transactions and people's livelihoods on the line, Pennymac relies on comprehensive IT management to ensure their data collection and cyber security policies are always in full compliance with state and local regulations and that their customer data is fully backed up and protected.

2. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is certainly making waves in Sacramento's enterprise technology industry.

Their cloud-based platform and solutions allow for digital workflows that increase efficiency in the workplace and create positive experiences for employees. It is no wonder why ServiceNow has become so popular with organizations; the results of their technology are undeniable.

In fact, over 7,400 customers - an impressive 80% of Fortune 500 companies - trust its impact on their productivity. Additionally, ServiceNow has been named one of FORTUNE's 100 Best Companies to Work For®, further exemplifying the extraordinary quality of their products.

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With a vast reach and broad capabilities, ServiceNow is revolutionizing how digital transformation happens within organizations around the world.

This large tech company in Sacramento naturally relies on effective use of technology maintenance and management in order to continue to deliver quality cloud-based solutions for their customers. But to focus on what they do best, this big tech company in Sacramento likely makes use of managed IT services to ensure their Sacramento technology company operates at peak efficiency.

3. Genentech

Founded more than forty years ago and now part of the Roche Group, Genentech has long been recognized as a pioneering force in biotechnology.

At the forefront of innovation, they have created ground-breaking medicines such as the first targeted antibody for cancer and the first medicine for primary progressive multiple sclerosis. Devoted to providing solutions and treatments for people with life-threatening diseases, Genentech works tirelessly to bring together clever science and modern technology to create treatments with global reach.

Their commitment to finding answers before answers were available demonstrates both their passion and dedication for making a real difference in people's lives.

Like all of the other biggest tech companies in Sacramento, Genetech likely benefits from managed IT services that focus on IT consulting to help them devise smart IT infrastructure solutions that pair perfectly with their growth plans and daily technological needs.

4. Hewlett Packard

In 1939, two college friends, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, embarked on a journey that would ultimately shape technology history when they founded the original Silicon Valley startup.

Starting humbly in a rented garage in Palo Alto and armed with just audio oscillators to guide them, the pair built their empire over the course of decades into a global leader in enterprise technology.

Fast forward to today, Hewlett-Packard is still firmly committed to living its founders' legacy of innovation through creating meaningful advances that drive value for customers and partners across the globe. Their vision drives them to simplify Hybrid IT capabilities, power the Intelligent Edge and use their knowledge to make it all possible.

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Building on Hewlett-Packard's hard-earned success from seven-plus decades ago has enabled them to become an inspiring example of ambitious people turning difficult challenges into successful solutions.

5. nDataStor

nDataStor is a managed IT and technology consulting company based in the Solano, Yolo and Sacramento Counties.

We started a mission in providing critical hardware and integration services to the financial industry; however, as technology advances, we've grown our scope of service beyond. We not only provide comprehensive cloud services but also managed security and executive IT (vCIO) consulting services. Our goal is to be a single-stop shop for clients' technology needs while ensuring we build strong and lasting relationships with them.

We focus on customer success and satisfaction as our main priority by empowering their teams with tailored technology solutions that meet their unique business requirements.

Largest Tech Companies in Sacramento

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